We need to be Allies.

The emotions I feel when it’s reported that yet another black man, woman or child has died at the hands of a white person are a fraction of what the black people in my life must feel; my best friend, numerous other friends and acquaintances, several of the men I've dated. I think of them … Continue reading We need to be Allies.

We can’t just blame our Government

I'm not a Boris supporter. I didn't vote for him. I do not like his political party, their views, their opinions or their promises. But even as an anti-Tory I can see how hard it must be to be put in charge of a country and be almost instantly faced with a global pandemic. In … Continue reading We can’t just blame our Government

Lockdown Life

Sooo, Lockdown's a bit shit isn't it? It's not as shit as the pre-lockdown panic that spread through the country and caused me the worst anxiety I have ever experienced, but it's still a bit shit. Being told to stay in by the government feels like being grounded for something my sister did. I love … Continue reading Lockdown Life

Can we vote better this time please?

You can't go on social media at the moment without seeing politically charged opinions being hurled around all over the place. Which is relatively normal considering the political climate we've had in the West for the past few years. But since the UK is having another general election this December, political opinions are everywhere, again. … Continue reading Can we vote better this time please?

Autumn Musings

I have never felt such a strong need to write but I'm sitting here, unable to put the words in the right order. I have so much to say but the points I'm making don't make sense yet. I feel like there is so much going on in the world that nothing gets my full … Continue reading Autumn Musings

Dear Self

Dear Self, Have I ever told you how much I love the person you are? Let me... You are a strong woman. A powerful woman. A woman who doesn't take anyone's shit. You are a kind woman. A learning woman. A growing woman. You put a lot of pressure on yourself to be so many … Continue reading Dear Self

Still my body, Still my choice

About 7 months ago, Ireland legalised abortion. When I wrote about it I learnt that abortion is still illegal in Northern Ireland and they have the harshest punishments for women seeking abortion. I learnt that women have died in Ireland due to being denied an abortion. I learnt that in 2 cases, the UN committee … Continue reading Still my body, Still my choice

An overdue rant.

I've not been writing here much at all so far this year. For the past 6 or so months really. And it's not that I don't have things to say, I do, I'm just struggling to get the words in the right order. I can't find the points I'm trying to make. I can't find … Continue reading An overdue rant.

The Gillette Ad & Toxic Masculinity.

Before anyone gets mad by what you're about to read, I want to clarify that masculinity is not toxic. Masculine traits are not toxic. Being a man is not toxic. Nobody thinks every man is toxic. Nobody. I have written about toxic masculinity before and I stand by what I said. There are aspects of … Continue reading The Gillette Ad & Toxic Masculinity.

Why I’ll always believe her first

When I started writing this post Brett Kavanaugh was a US Supreme Court nominee and I still had a bit of hope in the people deciding his fate. Now he's been confirmed and I'm incredibly sad for the women of America. This isn't going to be a rant about him and what's happened, I don't … Continue reading Why I’ll always believe her first