What a week…

On Monday the 8th of March we celebrated International Women's Day. We spoke out about how inspiring the women we know are, we appreciated our friends, mums, aunties, sisters and daughters. We spoke of our strength, our resilliance, our fierceness. We admired our beauty, our bodies, our differences and our similarities. We felt loved. For … Continue reading What a week…

Body Talk: Body Language

We’ve all seen the word “Real” be put in front of various images supposed to reflect what “real people” or “real bodies” look like. I support the sharing of these images as I think we need to encompass all body shapes and sizes, not just thin ones, but I hate the message that the word … Continue reading Body Talk: Body Language

Thank You 2020.

Normally, this time of year makes me motivated. I see the new year as a new start, a chance to improve, change habits, create better routines. And regardless of how much I fail to actually stick to my new habits and routines, the initial motivation is there. This year, though? Nothing. I'm exhausted. I'm tired … Continue reading Thank You 2020.

Body Talk: Fitness & Weightloss

When we think of fitness, it's almost natural to think of weight loss. Society has created this idea that if you want to be fit, you're trying to lose weight. Weight loss has been pushed on us so much it's become more normal to be unhappy with our bodies and be trying to lose weight … Continue reading Body Talk: Fitness & Weightloss

Body Talk: Diet Culture

Diet Culture is a system of beliefs that value thinness above health, pressures women to lose weight to achieve the desired look (thinness), promotes unhealthy eating habits as a form of health, equates thin to healthy, describes food as good/bad or clean/dirty, encourages and increases fatphobia in society, causes body image issues, and oppresses anyone … Continue reading Body Talk: Diet Culture

Body Talk: Introduction

I'm starting an essay series called Body Talk where I will be sharing views, opinions and perspectives about bodies, diets, fitness, and everything in between. As much as I think women have been conditioned to care too much about the size of our bodies, I also think there's a lot of misguided information that is … Continue reading Body Talk: Introduction

I’m Speaking

I'm speaking. Can you not interrupt? I'm speaking. Are you even listening? I'm speaking. I have the right to be heard. I'm speaking. Leave your questions until the end. I'm speaking. Can you let me finish? I’m speaking. You’re all shouting at once. I'm speaking. You don't care about my words. I'm speaking. My voice … Continue reading I’m Speaking

The world’s a mess and I don’t care

I'm sitting in my kitchen looking at the mess on the side from a weekend of ignoring the washing up and eating too much. I'm reading about the mess that is the world. The difference being once I've finished writing whatever this is, my kitchen side can easily be cleaned up. I'll wash my dishes, … Continue reading The world’s a mess and I don’t care

Everyone has an opinion on WAP…

Cardi B & Meghan Thee Stallion’s new song WAP – Wet Ass Pussy – has ignited quite the debate. Some see it as a feminist anthem, some see it as a step back for women’s rights and some see it as a vulgar, ungodly song that is a danger to young girls everywhere. Most of … Continue reading Everyone has an opinion on WAP…

Nothing Really Matters

I spend a lot of time reading stuff on the internet. I spend even more time trying to find something to read on the internet. So many bloggers create content without substance. There's a lot of surface level content, superficial content, bullshit content I don't want to read or write about. "Lessons I learned in … Continue reading Nothing Really Matters